David, King of Spades(my card)

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I wanted to play around with designing the of his robes and crown and I didn’t have a clue on what to put on them. So I grabbed the print out of the King of Spades and used it as a guide, that’s where I noticed that whatever pattern was used on his right-hand side of his robe had to be in the bottom left-hand side of his robe so I ended up just doing one side and came up with the idea of photo copying and cutting them onto one of my photocopied templates. Complicated but worked for me and made things a lot easier so I wouldn’t have to trace and re-trace aswel. Why I’ve called him David is because along the way we found out what the kings stood for, all historical references to kings David we weren’t completely sure who they were referring him to my guess was that it may of been King David. But not to certain.


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