Mock-up pieces of the 3D card

So after doing my design, Chad decided to do a mock-up piece because I still didn’t understand how we were going to do all this. And so we had to photocopy a couple of the drawings and glue them to thick card in this case we used the grey card and cut it out, glued a couple of foam piece to the back of them and just layered them on top of each other to the height we wanted it to be at. I then has a fair idea on where this project was heading to.
We then managed to get a hold of some foam board, and instead of using the grey card we biffed that idea and went with just gluing our screen prints onto the foam board and cutting the pieces we wanted out many times. However we don’t have any documents of our screen prints so I don’t have them on here to show you all. But we did 6 prints of each color for the King and Queen. We were going to try different colored paper but that wasn’t working out to good due to the fact that our mesh on our screen wasn’t that tight so it tended to move around a lot and the prints never turnt out good enough.
It was hard to show the pop out bits on our mock-up because it was just done in one color.


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