Meaning behind Evolving

Evolving is a name that I thought was suitable for my works and of course everyone else’s. With this last brief it was an opportunity to finally put everything that we had sweat about, learnt, got angry about, and frustrated over into this last project. Throughout the year we have all evolved and are still trying to find ourselves in this massive world. We evolve everyday of our lives and with our work it does the same. From gathering all this information to putting that into our work and making it our own was something huge because you not only what to find your own style but not try to mimic the artist/s works.

For this project I had evolved from barely nothing to a final piece that I went with not just because of time management but because I had to feel my work, I needed to go with what I felt, and for me all my painting have an emotional connection with myself but this one I want to step away from the fact that it had more meaning to me but to others. I wanted to send that message to my audience to gaze upon this work and find something within them that relates to them. My #3 pieces are meant to give that message of connections and that no matter what country you come from OR ethic group your in that in some spiritual meaning it not only connects to Maori’s but to everyone who lives in New Zealand. They are stories that may not be real but leave a real impression on everyone’s mind. Knowing that the stories will always have a deeper meaning then anything, we share these stories around the world.


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