I moved on from paint and tried to simplify the work that maybe I was trying to get to far ahead of myself way to soon, being close to the end and I had to make it more simple but with full of meaning. So I had a talk with others because I still was stuck. So I went down to what I know best and collected a whole pile of information, images etc to help me. But even though I had the idea I still need the right materials. I thought the board was a good idea at first for my canvas, but that never worked, then I shifted to wet strength cartridge paper and that still wasn’t working. I wanted something that wouldn’t warp, crinkle, and expand, the last option was wood but I didn’t want to resort to that option because a lot of people were doing the exhibition pieces on wood and it did look nice. But after arguing with my brain and not coming to a conclusion at the last minute I was hand recycled pieces of wood and even the uneven and imperfect look of the wood made my work stand out more then I thought it would.


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