Adding the Shellac I was a bit worried because I wanted to be careful, I didn’t really want to screw my work up. For the simple reason that there is no start over again. Last day to finish off completely. Last bit to do on the pieces of wood and I just cant have anything go wrong.
But it turned out really good, better then I had expected. I was going to go with a tidy and clean look with the Shellac but just looked back at it and knew that it wasn’t me, Im not perfect when it comes to my work, Im messy and I don’t want everything to look the same as everyone else. Im tired of having to out compete everybody. So I just went all Shiloh and thought you know what “forget about all this clean and tidiness, ill do what I do best and make a complete mess of it and see how it turns out” Micheal was right it looks way better all rough and rugged. I think the down side to this piece was if I could just focus on one aspect and then generate more and more slowly and used all the time I could properly then I would do it all again and maybe instead of coming out with 3 pieces I could have more, and all different. But for now I am happy with what I have completed so far.


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