Wire fumbling

Explored with wire and liked the thought of making little things that could just sit in your hands, But eventually I had to go up to a larger scale and to do that more sturdy wire was needed so I used a 22, 16 and 18 Gauge wire but the lower the number of wire the harder it was to cut, and it was extremely had to cut the 16M but it worked making the twists and bends much more stronger and holding its support. With the finer wire I made little petite objects and thought about making a box to put them all in and then your could play around with it and make your own story which would still connect to what I want to say in my work, but there was no feeling behind what it all meant and who I was going to link it to… Then Linda gave me the idea of creating a narrative with them and hang them on the wall, but I thought to myself well I would have to go up in size and then figure out how I would portray my story through the wire without going to much into detail. I had to make something literal into a representation.


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