While researching, I had to tend to the library for some maori myths and legends to polish up on. I found myself hooked on reading one story called Pare and Hutu. I kept reading and originally I wanted to explore Maui. As a child I had always heard stories about Maui and how he pulled the northland but reading his story I understood what kind of person he was. Others have told me stories and each different. And of course the one in the book was completely different. I enjoyed finding many things to help me along in my work and giving me more than enough ideas to go ahead with my work, the only problem with that was trying to simple it down and focus on one area at a time my head was all over the place to just focus on one specific thing. Buck Nin was a major influence where he would create master pieces through patterns and when I look at his work it takes me a while to see what it means. I wanted mine to represent and not be to literal. And I hope I achieved that goal.


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