While researching, I had to tend to the library for some maori myths and legends to polish up on. I found myself hooked on reading one story called Pare and Hutu. I kept reading and originally I wanted to explore Maui. As a child I had always heard stories about Maui and how he pulled the northland but reading his story I understood what kind of person he was. Others have told me stories and each different. And of course the one in the book was completely different. I enjoyed finding many things to help me along in my work and giving me more than enough ideas to go ahead with my work, the only problem with that was trying to simple it down and focus on one area at a time my head was all over the place to just focus on one specific thing. Buck Nin was a major influence where he would create master pieces through patterns and when I look at his work it takes me a while to see what it means. I wanted mine to represent and not be to literal. And I hope I achieved that goal.


Wire fumbling

Explored with wire and liked the thought of making little things that could just sit in your hands, But eventually I had to go up to a larger scale and to do that more sturdy wire was needed so I used a 22, 16 and 18 Gauge wire but the lower the number of wire the harder it was to cut, and it was extremely had to cut the 16M but it worked making the twists and bends much more stronger and holding its support. With the finer wire I made little petite objects and thought about making a box to put them all in and then your could play around with it and make your own story which would still connect to what I want to say in my work, but there was no feeling behind what it all meant and who I was going to link it to… Then Linda gave me the idea of creating a narrative with them and hang them on the wall, but I thought to myself well I would have to go up in size and then figure out how I would portray my story through the wire without going to much into detail. I had to make something literal into a representation.


Adding the Shellac I was a bit worried because I wanted to be careful, I didn’t really want to screw my work up. For the simple reason that there is no start over again. Last day to finish off completely. Last bit to do on the pieces of wood and I just cant have anything go wrong.
But it turned out really good, better then I had expected. I was going to go with a tidy and clean look with the Shellac but just looked back at it and knew that it wasn’t me, Im not perfect when it comes to my work, Im messy and I don’t want everything to look the same as everyone else. Im tired of having to out compete everybody. So I just went all Shiloh and thought you know what “forget about all this clean and tidiness, ill do what I do best and make a complete mess of it and see how it turns out” Micheal was right it looks way better all rough and rugged. I think the down side to this piece was if I could just focus on one aspect and then generate more and more slowly and used all the time I could properly then I would do it all again and maybe instead of coming out with 3 pieces I could have more, and all different. But for now I am happy with what I have completed so far.

Meaning behind Evolving

Evolving is a name that I thought was suitable for my works and of course everyone else’s. With this last brief it was an opportunity to finally put everything that we had sweat about, learnt, got angry about, and frustrated over into this last project. Throughout the year we have all evolved and are still trying to find ourselves in this massive world. We evolve everyday of our lives and with our work it does the same. From gathering all this information to putting that into our work and making it our own was something huge because you not only what to find your own style but not try to mimic the artist/s works.

For this project I had evolved from barely nothing to a final piece that I went with not just because of time management but because I had to feel my work, I needed to go with what I felt, and for me all my painting have an emotional connection with myself but this one I want to step away from the fact that it had more meaning to me but to others. I wanted to send that message to my audience to gaze upon this work and find something within them that relates to them. My #3 pieces are meant to give that message of connections and that no matter what country you come from OR ethic group your in that in some spiritual meaning it not only connects to Maori’s but to everyone who lives in New Zealand. They are stories that may not be real but leave a real impression on everyone’s mind. Knowing that the stories will always have a deeper meaning then anything, we share these stories around the world.

Finished works

I enjoyed this process better then the others I had gone through.
Indian Ink felt more free and was versatile, however the after affects of when they dried
I felt was not as appealing as I thought it would be, so to make it more affective I had to add paint just to darken up the bits that I wanted darken. When I had finished the piegoen I noticed that I had put a lot more effort into the bird then I had the rest so going back over it without ruining my pieces was what I needed to do,
and it actually worked out for the best. I was rather impressed with myself from coming to tech with absolutely nothing in mind what I was going to complete to having #3 pieces done and a board to mount them on.


I moved on from paint and tried to simplify the work that maybe I was trying to get to far ahead of myself way to soon, being close to the end and I had to make it more simple but with full of meaning. So I had a talk with others because I still was stuck. So I went down to what I know best and collected a whole pile of information, images etc to help me. But even though I had the idea I still need the right materials. I thought the board was a good idea at first for my canvas, but that never worked, then I shifted to wet strength cartridge paper and that still wasn’t working. I wanted something that wouldn’t warp, crinkle, and expand, the last option was wood but I didn’t want to resort to that option because a lot of people were doing the exhibition pieces on wood and it did look nice. But after arguing with my brain and not coming to a conclusion at the last minute I was hand recycled pieces of wood and even the uneven and imperfect look of the wood made my work stand out more then I thought it would.

The erge

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I had this erge to paint and use the paint brush, I ended up making backgrounds to play around some more and just hope that some inspirations would spark up and hit me strait in the face. But even spray painting and painting the boards I still had nothing going for me. I was honestly stuck for the first time in a project.
The plan was to do 4 large boards and all connect to one story but for me that didn’t work. I had one painting out of the way but the rest I had nothing.