I moved on from paint and tried to simplify the work that maybe I was trying to get to far ahead of myself way to soon, being close to the end and I had to make it more simple but with full of meaning. So I had a talk with others because I still was stuck. So I went down to what I know best and collected a whole pile of information, images etc to help me. But even though I had the idea I still need the right materials. I thought the board was a good idea at first for my canvas, but that never worked, then I shifted to wet strength cartridge paper and that still wasn’t working. I wanted something that wouldn’t warp, crinkle, and expand, the last option was wood but I didn’t want to resort to that option because a lot of people were doing the exhibition pieces on wood and it did look nice. But after arguing with my brain and not coming to a conclusion at the last minute I was hand recycled pieces of wood and even the uneven and imperfect look of the wood made my work stand out more then I thought it would.


The erge

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I had this erge to paint and use the paint brush, I ended up making backgrounds to play around some more and just hope that some inspirations would spark up and hit me strait in the face. But even spray painting and painting the boards I still had nothing going for me. I was honestly stuck for the first time in a project.
The plan was to do 4 large boards and all connect to one story but for me that didn’t work. I had one painting out of the way but the rest I had nothing.

The Start

At first, I didn’t know where to start. I had an ending but no beginning
So with a couple of chats with the tutors and some heavy reading. I thought that the clever idea was to explore and play with different materials, so I did and it was the wire that attracted my attention first.
Creating little miniature piece that could fit in my hand and I enjoyed it but it didn’t feel like the path I wanted to take. So painting was the popular thought in my head, I moved on from wire and started using paint, spray paint and indian ink.

Photoshop Workshop

I found this workshop to be surprisingly easy. I’m not a fan of Photoshop but having Diane go through the steps of what to do, made the process fun to do.
I ended up doing another image on photoshop but is not yet on here.
First we had to print it in black and white which looked displeasing to the eye. After doing that we went into photoshop and turned the image into greyscale, then played around with the levels.


So much things have happened throughout the week, I thought maybe I should have so quality time out, but that’s just not doing anything. I thought maybe I will do some work, but nothings coming to mind, maybe watching tv would work but still nothing, I even did some cleaning but that got me no where. To many things in my head just don’t know where to start with it all. Argggghhhhh!!!

The AWESOME movie I just watched. YESTERDAY

So whilst lying in bed wondering what to do during the day. I completely forgot that my lovely Chad had grabbed some movies from his fathers. So I thought ill’d watch Hansel and Gretel and OMG! it was a steampunk addicts dream movie. Watching this movie gave me ideas of what to write, what to draw, what to make OR even if I should mix my fantasy with reality. So I kept watching and towards the end of the movie I found myself looking for more inspirations and so I looked at Ben’s gun, a character on this movie. I wasn’t to sure what the rifle was called and at first I just saw a huge pistol until he whipped it out to show its true form. The only picture I saw was this one, and being a poo I didn’t APA reference this, and so I can not find the source of it all. But I shall soon. Steampunk has inspired me in some way to the point where I want to look in further to this. Maybe even some day come up with some designs who knows.

Something I came across

I came across this little group of cards all with different designs for the many characters in the deck of playing cards. And thought it was pretty neat showing devilish images to sexual ones and having people just come up with there own twist on them. In our project for me and chad we grew up playing with the set of 52, and we still wanted to have the same vibe and feel to it when we were younger, only changing a few things but keeping it still very traditional.

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