So much things have happened throughout the week, I thought maybe I should have so quality time out, but that’s just not doing anything. I thought maybe I will do some work, but nothings coming to mind, maybe watching tv would work but still nothing, I even did some cleaning but that got me no where. To many things in my head just don’t know where to start with it all. Argggghhhhh!!!


This is what im listening to…

So why am I listening to this song?
Just showing you a taste of my awesome music selection on my phone.
I found myself listening to the 3rd song on my playlist to hype myself up for today. Since it’s our first of many presentations to come. Everyone has there own little way of getting themselves nerves free, till their speech or talk is over.

Leanne ended up pulling out one of her potions because she deals with witchcraft and the dark arts in Hogwarts. So I had some of her rescue remedy that she offered to me. Side affects for this potion is a numb tongue and relaxation, which is slowly creeping up on me (I think).

Talking about Presentations, I can’t figure out whether or not I like them or hate them. I mean no one should hate them because we all talk to one another whether it be in big groups or small groups in tech etc. In some way its apart of human nature to talk and talk to friends because they know you, they know how you think, how you speak, they understand your language. But when we hear speech OR presentations, all of a sudden its “OMG!” and your finding every excuse under the sun to not do it. Personally I hate the fact that we have to get up and talk about a topic that most people know nothing about, OR even something you know nothing about. But when you finish this horrible event you go back to sit down in your chair OR seat and think to yourself “hmm that wasn’t as scary”.

Costa T, N. [ThiagoNascimentoCosta]. (2012, June 23). TLC – No Scrubs ( Official ) [Video file]. Retrieved from http://youtu.be/pKV8uSX2nEQ


I took this photo, whilst waiting for the doctor. I find this quiet humorous because this is my granddad. Not my real granddad but the one that I grew up with throughout my years, he was always there for me. Now the years have gotten to him, you can see it in the way he walks, in the way he talks and in the way he drives. From countless days of driving here and there to countless nights of looking after a little baby who will soon grow up to find herself looking after him in his old age. Although I’ve put a touching story to this image in reality we all know that old people can be rebels in their prime and push boundaries to the put where it actually puts you in danger.
And you thought young children were dangerous you should try driving in a car with this man. Many people can vouch for me when I say he is YOLO!



This painting of my hibiscus is person representation of myself during 2012.

It was a hard time I believed because things weren’t going great for me at all. And at times I just wanted to give up, stress was piling up and assignments were always due in every 2 weeks. Home wasn’t so great and especially my relationship was pretty much tearing apart piece by piece.

I didn’t know how to talk about my problems, or even open up to anyone because when ever I did it resulted in arguments or me getting angry. So in away the only thing that understood me and never judged me at all was the paintbrush I picked up on that day. I found some house paint, primed my board, then just painted and never had a rough idea of what I was going to paint or anything. I just painted what I felt. The fading hibiscus represents the fading away of me, my spirit, my faith in anything and everything. The dripping paint represents the tears I shed inside and outside, the depressed side of me, my lowest point in life where everyday felt the same and nothing could bring me back to life. I was basically thinking the whole world was against me even my partner.

Finishing this painting I almost had this sense of relief wash over me as if the painting had taken this demon out of me and trapped it in the painting. Why a flower. Even I ask myself but when I look back to my upbringing the flower symbolizes my family, my island side, the side I hardly talk about. Sometimes I have small flashes of my grandma putting flowers in her hair or have it rest on her ear. If anything I do show my emotions through my drawings and paintings, to me it’s the safest way.

Shrek singing

I think this would have to be my favourite movie for 2013 even though I think it came out last year. I watch this movie over and over again, its even gotten to the point where we have downloaded the other 3 movies before and watching them I find myself remembering nearly every line in Shrek1 & 2, With Shrek4 they basically playing with alternate realities and apart from origami, steampunk and other genres parallel universes would also have to be a major interest that I have. Our first project for the year we chose alternate realities/worlds, I find it an extremely HUGE topic especially when you bring it into everyday life. Its the whole “What if” process. more then the “Now”

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Chantel DeBois singing

This is what happens when you watch a movie early in the morning and you two brothers are wide awake, then ends up singing THIS song all day!

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A few images I found to give you a look at the style I LOVE, and have incorporated in with some drawings I have tucked away. With the reference I clicked on the website that had posted these images and that took me strait to a Steampunk website were you look into different worlds.

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