Something I came across

I came across this little group of cards all with different designs for the many characters in the deck of playing cards. And thought it was pretty neat showing devilish images to sexual ones and having people just come up with there own twist on them. In our project for me and chad we grew up playing with the set of 52, and we still wanted to have the same vibe and feel to it when we were younger, only changing a few things but keeping it still very traditional.

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WELL here it is!
Side views and birds eye views of our final piece.
We didn’t have any photos of our prints but we used them
and spray glued them to the foam board. From the birds eye view on my one I can kind of see the different layers for Chads one it was more perfect and it formed the card perfectly where as mine was more exciting and random chunks were cut out randomly and placed on top of different colours to create a different type of colour formation.
I saw it more clearly when I looked at both me and chads cards and found my one caught my attention more. But at the same time envied chad and perfect cutting.


At first I looked at architecture and the history behind it all to see if I would get any inspiration at all. But nothing came to mind, I did some sketches and still after that nothing else was catching my attention. Until Chad suggested Playing Cards! And instantly I loved it. So I ended up researching our topic and of course “playing cards” obviously it is a very board subject with everyone putting there own spin to the many characters in the deck of 52. But history has taken us back to as far as they can go. One of the tutors then suggested that we pin pointed it down to a specific card/person and that was “The Harlequin” card due to the fact that we had the diamonds on our King and Queen. After researching the Harlequin Chad decided to go into dept with the whole meaning of the different suits of Kings and Queens. It was not until I found a wiki website and it had the Parisian and Rouennais court cards and the meanings they gave to their historical and mythological heroes and heroines. On top of this we also looked at Neil Dawson, and looked into the piece he done were he experimented with playing cards then took that idea and made giant playing cards out of aluminium.

Final Design Concept

There were a few comments about the reason why we choose to do the King and Queen. And for us there was no HUGE reason why we decided to make our project around the Queen of Hearts and King of Spades. Chads favourite card was the Queen so I suggested that he do her and ill do him. One of the tutors referred the cards to us which I never thought of that option. I guess comparing them to us was that me being the meany and the bossy one I would have to be the King and Chad was the Queen, kind at heart and forgiving. Overall I was happy with the final design for our King and Queen, as for the patterns we wanted to have them nearly similar to each other. To make them have that balance when you put them together. But I think with the 3 primary colors you can hardly notice them.

Mock-up pieces of the 3D card

So after doing my design, Chad decided to do a mock-up piece because I still didn’t understand how we were going to do all this. And so we had to photocopy a couple of the drawings and glue them to thick card in this case we used the grey card and cut it out, glued a couple of foam piece to the back of them and just layered them on top of each other to the height we wanted it to be at. I then has a fair idea on where this project was heading to.
We then managed to get a hold of some foam board, and instead of using the grey card we biffed that idea and went with just gluing our screen prints onto the foam board and cutting the pieces we wanted out many times. However we don’t have any documents of our screen prints so I don’t have them on here to show you all. But we did 6 prints of each color for the King and Queen. We were going to try different colored paper but that wasn’t working out to good due to the fact that our mesh on our screen wasn’t that tight so it tended to move around a lot and the prints never turnt out good enough.
It was hard to show the pop out bits on our mock-up because it was just done in one color.

Judith, Queen of Hearts(Chads)

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These were chads process’ and his playing around with different designs that we could do. He to went by the original as a guide, the last one was the final design he decided to go with because at the same time he was matching his Queen to my King by incorporating my designs into his. I worked well and so Chad went with it.

David, King of Spades(my card)

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I wanted to play around with designing the of his robes and crown and I didn’t have a clue on what to put on them. So I grabbed the print out of the King of Spades and used it as a guide, that’s where I noticed that whatever pattern was used on his right-hand side of his robe had to be in the bottom left-hand side of his robe so I ended up just doing one side and came up with the idea of photo copying and cutting them onto one of my photocopied templates. Complicated but worked for me and made things a lot easier so I wouldn’t have to trace and re-trace aswel. Why I’ve called him David is because along the way we found out what the kings stood for, all historical references to kings David we weren’t completely sure who they were referring him to my guess was that it may of been King David. But not to certain.