I took this photo, whilst waiting for the doctor. I find this quiet humorous because this is my granddad. Not my real granddad but the one that I grew up with throughout my years, he was always there for me. Now the years have gotten to him, you can see it in the way he walks, in the way he talks and in the way he drives. From countless days of driving here and there to countless nights of looking after a little baby who will soon grow up to find herself looking after him in his old age. Although I’ve put a touching story to this image in reality we all know that old people can be rebels in their prime and push boundaries to the put where it actually puts you in danger.
And you thought young children were dangerous you should try driving in a car with this man. Many people can vouch for me when I say he is YOLO!


Mini Exhibition that happened Friday afternoon

Mini Exhibition that happened Friday afternoon

My Favourite Drawing would have to be the abstract Life drawing that we did, never ever ever done that before I’ve jumped out of my comfort zone many many times before but abstract was more of a new thing for me. As for the color tactile drawing I enjoyed that very much, the color was something that I’ve used before in paint and found myself enjoying that because I had a major problem with color, so I’m slowly involving color into my work to the point where I’m comfortable. I find color to either make your picture OR ruin it completely.

Tobruks wrestler

Tobruks wrestler
Tobruk as a wrestler, when they came over for the easter weekend. Chad had printed off some templates of superhero bodies and saw him tracing over it and adding some accessories to them, and then the boys wanted to do the same thing so they ended up tracing them and making themselves as wrestler here’s one example.

Diego and Tobruk

Diego and Tobruk

Diego’s the one on the bed leaning on the bed, and Tobruk is on the bottom bed leaning on the pillows. When I analyse this photo it reminds me of the lecture that we had and Wellesley was explaining about the noble one and the slave or not as dominant one in frames next to one another, and whilst observing this photo I recently just took. Diego is up on a ped-a-stool, and because he’s persona is very “know it all” and very “look at me, look at me” this photo protrays that very well, where as Tobruk is more reserved and the peaceful one but when he needs to be aggressive then he will. I don’t think I noticed how this photo connected with our lecture we had.

Random statue in town center

Random statue in town center

Sitting in town for two hours and im behind the town clock nervously waiting for my granddad to pick me up, when I noticed the shapes around this path was in 3’s, all repeated there goes the 3 thing … I find it more a unexpected thing like being in the right place at the right time pretty much … cause nothing really goes right (well not most the time) when you want them to…